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Gold 17 Air Conditioner

A system that works smarter.


This home cooling system’s design keeps you comfortable, thanks to generous two-step cooling.  Plus, with ratings up to 18.00 SEER, this central air system provides incredible energy efficiency saving you on operating costs.



  • Reduce up to 56 percent of your energy usage with this central air system that surpasses government efficiency standards.*


  • This home central air conditioner runs at 70 percent capacity except on the hottest days when it steps up to the second stage thanks to a two-step Duration™ compressor with two-stage cooling.


  • Experience quiet operation with this system that is so quiet, you’ll barely notice it’s running.


  • Enjoy our home cooling systems that cool your home with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that’s ozone-safe.


  • Get more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to a durable Spine Fin™ coil found in this home central air conditioner.


  • Rust-resistant coating, screws, and basepan protect the system from the elements.


  • * Potential energy use comparing an 8-SEER system to an 18-SEER high-efficiency system. Actual energy savings will vary.
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