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Voyager Packaged Units



American Standard customers demand products that provide exceptional reliability, meet stringent performance requirements, and are competitively priced. American Standard delivers with the Voyager™ light commercial packaged systems.


Voyager features cutting edge technologies: reliable compressors, American Standard engineered ReliaTel™ controls and computer-aided run testing. So, whether you’re the contractor, the engineer, or the owner you can be certain Voyager products are built to meet your needs.


Throughout the years, American Standard has designed and developed the most complete line of Packaged Rooftop products available in the market today. American Standard was the first to introduce the Micro—microelectronic unit controls—and has continued to improve and revolutionize this design concept.


Electromechanical controls are available for simpler applications, and for the more sophisticated, ReliaTel microprocessor controls.


The ReliaTel control platform offers the same great features and functionality as the original Micro, with additional benefits for greater application flexibility.


Voyager continues to provide the highest standards in quality and reliability, comfort, ease of service, and the performance of American Standard light commercial products.

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